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WARFA Meets FDA and USDA Food Code Requirements for
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11/2022 FDA RULING FOOD FOR PROCESSORS (carona virus)

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Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance Class Schedule, 2022/2023

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Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance Notice: 9/27/2022

Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance HACCP Manager certification.

  • Notice of extension for HACCP manager certification – (this does not include facility certification).

Greetings certified HACCP managers.

The current pandemic with all the variants have taken a toll on the nation’s staffing. Because of this situation we have decided to extend the HACCP certificates for HACCP 1, HACCP 2 and Trainer will be through April of 2022. Certificates expiring from 2019 will be extended through November, 2022.

Please visit our class schedule on haccped.com to enroll in a class if you are able to certify sooner.
Recertification will be $300 for most managers, new certification is $600 for most some discounts avalialbe. Multiple certifications may be discounted. .

Classes are available in person following pandemic protocols with minimum 5 persons. Most classes are done through Skype.

Thank you and please try to keep stay safe.

Print this section or the notice sent to your email and attach to your certificate for sanitarian or third party audit compliance.

HACCP Workshop Class Schedule for 2022/23

The Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance (WARFA) provides Food Safety and HACCP Certification, Training, Support, Tools, Plans, and Verification/Audits. It has been created by of individuals dedicated to helping update and improve certification training and product services to everyone concerned with food safety and Codex based HACCP education for the wholesale & retail foodservice industry.

Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance sponsorship of this year’s HACCP training for certification.

For 2020 Chef Steven R. Davis, C.E.C., is hosting WARFA-sponsored HACCP training in Lincoln City Oregon, Online, and Salem, Oregon. Create your own class almost anywhere in the world.

Learn and get motivated about HACCP from someone who knows what it is like behind the scenes, as a chef would!

Save on consulting fees and wasted time. Become a part of the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance by attending a comprehensive, fun, interactive class where you will create your HACCP plan and learn how to update it.

WARFA HACCP Certified Student Membership Benefits for five years

As a member of the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance, you will be kept up to date on food safety changes:

  • Training materials and coursework was created with one of the pioneers of HACCP, and founder of the Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance, O. Peter Snyder Ph.D.
  • Interactive Training and interaction with other students.
  • Forms and tools to use in your operation and to help train your staff.
  • Comprehensive interactive and understandable online training.
  • All classes use testing to check progress not to fail just to support and get the point across.
  • Direct and quick response with email support.
  • US Army HACCP Certification, USAF HACCP Certification and US Marine HACCP
  • Covid 19 Protocols and implementation
Confused about HACCP? HACCP is a food safety program designed by Pillsbury and the US Army for NASA in the late 1950’s. Our founder, O. Peter Snyder,Jr., Ph.D., was an Army officer for 22 years. During that time he commanded Quartermaster field units and developed radiation-sterilized food/microwave systems. While an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, he began the state’s food management HACCP self-control program. Later, Dr. Snyder, as owner of a science-based food safety consulting company, taught retail food operators to implement HACCP safety self-control programs and worked to standardize retail HACCP.

The process known as HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Each processor, transport or farm processors need individualized systems that in part include; check points, monitoring and management in order to make this HACCP system effective. This is a self controlled system monitored by third parties, FDA, USDA or other health department inspectors.

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WARFA is an equal opportunity organization and employer. We do not discriminate against race, color, background, religion, and sexual orientation.

We do, however, discriminate against bacteria, improper hand washing, and unethical practices.

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